Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Madaraka day

I was going to post last year's Madaraka Day's post but realized that you would catch me in my little plan. This is an undecided year - Yes and No. I thought it would be better to try to be crafty next year. I want to ape former President Moi in his gift of Prophecy and prophesy the following things concerning this Madaraka Day and probably give some suggestions that would save our future holidays.

One, the Committee of Preparing Really Boring Entertainment has already swung into action and they will have choirs that seem like they have landed at the Nyayo National Stadium on UFOs from various towns in the country singing completely out of whack as if they are being controlled by alien beings from space. I suggest that on Public holidays, we can reinstate the KANU regime for only that day after which we can take over and go back to building the Nation.

Two, as always, there will be a protocol issue between the Prime Minister and the Vice President. They will both be rushing to sit on the Most Powerful Seat after the President's. Their drivers should take care not to crash the limos. At least chauffeurs save your limbs. What will it benefit you to break your limbs in the mad rush? It is better for those two to fall off chairs because they have assistants to wipe off the dust from their coats. The reason we are in this state of affairs as a country is because we sacked one mkuu wa itifaki Mutuma Kathurima and replaced him with msemaji wa serikali. So as he semas, the PM and the VP will continue to behave badly.

Three, the employers will as usual be pissed off that you did not go to work and they will have no choice but pay you. Remind them that it is not your fault that we had forefathers who on the sight of a 'mzungu' were so willing to give up their land. "Here" they said, "Have our land." God only knows what they were expecting apart from being pushed to settlements while the 'wazungus' enjoyed themselves at Happy Valley. Employers should actually beg the government to include another holiday that commemorates those forefathers and call it Utumwa Day . It might help them fight the angst they feel against Madaraka Day. They should also thank those generous forefathers who gave them the right to draft us into their companies. Otherwise all of us would be under our own trees enjoying our hard work in our own farms.

I wish all of us a Happy Madaraka Day and just remember that as much as we are free, so do we have a greater responsibility to this great Nation.


  1. Hey Flo, you went silent, or was it to disappear into thin air. Miss reading your blog, nay, update it and we will be okay :)

  2. hi flo this is good, very goood!! looking forward for more.


  3. wapi ingine kama hii?

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