Monday, November 2, 2009 is a website about a company in the UK that gives information and resources to people who are moving houses, whether buying or renting.

What they do
They have indicated on their website the services which they offer which include;
• Setting up new services online for example utilities like gas and electricity, phones, TV, broadband and water.
• They give clients quotes on removals from different removal companies.
• They give expert advice on moving both online and over the phone.
• They have unique planners and checklists for people who are moving.
• They also compare prices for home services

The Website
The website is very well laid out and a potential client is able to find their way around for the services they need. They have tabs for every service they offer which links to more details concerning that specific service and this helps save clients’ time.
They have also included various awards that they have received and this helps create customer confidence that they give good services. However, they can include comments from their satisfied customers.

Areas for improvement

Since their services are free, they should remove that information on how they earn their money. Most customers don’t query free services on the internet anymore. For example, people don’t know how Google or Yahoo make their money and yet are glad to use their services. The inclusion of the referral fee might cause some clients to deal directly with the movers because a client thinks that they can save money. The statement of helping customers save money by using the website is not convincing.

On ‘Who is’ under about us, they launch directly into their mission without saying who they are. They should either tell the client who they are or ask ‘What is our mission’.