Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Finally Mother Nature cracked up about being ignored and had us grounded. I could imagine her saying 'Just because they have mobile phones and the Internet they think they run the show? I will once again prove that they are not as independent of me as they have come to believe'. And so the Icelandic Volcano erupted and we, who lost our tails is it over a million years ago? were huddled at airports because an ash cloud had spread all over the first world. Hahaha. I don't know why but it gives me the kick to just write the first world. If I was saying it, I would have said it nice and slow. The (pause) First (pause) World. As if the Icelandic Volcano eruption was not enough, suddenly there was an eruption of experts too - Volcanists and Ash-cloudists.

Just last week I heard on television that they had found another Homo- (didn't bother about the word that followed) in South Africa. With this latest discovery, me thinks it is time we stop digging dirt and think about the future. As the Icelandic Ash Cloud has proved, what we need to know now is not where we came from but where we are going. Really. What I am suggesting is that we start wondering what Homo sapiens will evolve into in another million years. Archaeologists have already proved to us without a wisp of doubt that our forefathers were bent over and hairy and had pea sized brains. And, what good has it done any of us to know that we evolved from Apes?

And do not for one minute think that I don't appreciate Charles Darwin. Of course his findings are very important, otherwise our Biology text books would have one chapter less. Also, he created alternative life pursuits for people who would rather be digging dirt around Lake Turkana than say Investment Banking. But the past is just that, unless of course there is any chance that my great great greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Homo habilis grandmother might come to visit me because (i) We wouldn't communicate because she would speak a dead language from Central Africa and (ii)She would scare me to death.

What we should start worrying about is how advanced will the next 'Homo' be? This I guess is not beneficial to us either because what good would it do us to know that they obviously will be more sharp than we are. But again it might do us some good because if we knew what mode of transport they will use, then we can avoid such problems as we have had the last week with Ash clouds and airplanes. As things stand now, we seem to probably have reached the apex of the curve. Look at our our scientists. They are discovering nothing new. They are all in this paddle where all they do is improve on what other scientists have created. We pride ourselves in airplanes but they stem from the same contraption created by the Wright brothers. Cars are also a creation of the Sumerians and the mobile phone, which is our greatest invention still uses Morse Code, only it is smaller, and the smaller it gets the more expensive and useless it becomes. When I say useless I mean in the sense of self defense. The early telephones were a weapon by themselves so that you could use them to crack the heads of people who would think of stealing them. But the mobile phone we have today, you cant even use it to kill a rat.

Probably the only way to go from this peak is down, where we will start going back to Homo erectus then to Homo habilis and finally to Zinjanthropus and on to apes and just back to one cell organisms and finally the earth will finally fold into the size of an atom and will Big Bang again. That is too difficult to imagine but honestly we should consider this line of thought and not leave our Homo habilis children rudderless about dangerous things like bombs. So we should look for some of our remaining artists and lock them up in caves to draw pictures of bombs exploding so that when our descendants the Homo erectus come across them, they will not think they are giant eggs and the 'eggs' go 'KA-BOOOM' in their hands and kill an entire generation, stopping the whole process of evolution. Or is it re-evolution or devolution??.

The airplane will be another thing that will cause our descendants head aches. Can you imagine those that will live around airports and they see these enormous 'birds' just lying there and they (our descendants) shout to one another, "Hey we have giant birds in the fields," and they rush with knives and stab the bird for a week and nothing changes and they decide to just set it on fire and roast it, and the airplane explodes, burning another entire generation to ashes. We can have an artist draw an airplane full of people seated to give the impression that it was used for transport but I doubt our pea-brained descendants would interpret it that way. They might even think the 'big birds' ate their ancestors and again start hacking at the planes all over again.

I guess what I am trying to say in not so few words, and I said it last week is that we are not as sharp as we like to imagine and that when Ma Nature is pissed, it is time to PLANT MORE TREES!