Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clinton's visit to Kenya

The coming of Hillary Clinton left me with mixed feelings. First we were told that she came for a meeting which annually introduces the acronym AGOA, which is almost always followed by EPZ and then they disappear until the following year.
Experts claim that they are about trade but even Hillary had to talk about TJRC because, if you are talking about trade, surely there's gotta be a T somewhere. From the way she spoke of a wide range of topics, I honestly think she had come for the wildebeest migration. But you know Americans are strict with their taxes, so she couldn't have possibly hopped on a plane and announced like our MPs announce, 'Hi, I am going for the annual gnu migration in the Maasai Mara in Kenya on ya taxes!'
I could be getting ahead of myself but it might be that that was not Hillary. Rumour has it that for every congress person in the US there are 200 look alikes - most of whom are drawn from the marines. So it is very likely that our enterprising councillor who swore his undying love for Chelsea could have been professing his love to a Hillary Clinton look alike US marine hahaha! My reasoning is that it was just too easy for 'Hillary' to accept an offer for her daughter's hand in marriage to a complete wedding-ringed stranger, you know. I guess the real Hillary would have had him dealt with as swiftly as the Iraqi journalist who had the audacity to throw his shoes at former President Bush. Any mother would have.
As for the councillor, my only prayer was that there was no electricity in his house because the only thing that could save him that night from his wife was the KPLC Stima Loan application forms!