Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have tried to ignore the on-going raging Semenya debate for a time now, but since it is not going away, I might as well throw in my siasa ya pesa nane (two cents worth) opinion. I have a three-pronged approach to the issue- a medico-layperson prong, a Kenyan prong and a female prong.
I'll start with a story I read in a magazine that today's doctors have so advanced that they are now able to carry out whole human body transplants. Caution:We should be very careful about this one because they will start zapping people off the streets and presenting them to their relatives as the new human transplants!
The story continued with the interview of one doctor who had carried out a human head transplant and, (the author noted) that the patient did actually live for 8 hrs with a new head or body - I am not sure who had died; the owner of the head or the body. Apart form my initial amusement and going back to the front cover of the magazine to ascertain that it was not an April fool's day joke, I think the article made hilarious reading.
I am not sure I would personally have a head transplant because that would mean that another person's brain would be operating my body (probably a sumo wrestler's) and then 'I' would think that I can wrestle guys and before I know it I would be in a real sumo wrestling ring, beaten into a tomato paste look alike. Fortunately, it wouldn't even happen because the longest a person with a head transplant lived 8hrs, according to the magazine.
The reason I am bickering about this advanced technology is not so much the transplants but that the people (doctors) who claim that they can carry out these amazing medical stunts cant tell what sex Sem is. Back in the good old days, determining the sex of a person was an eye job. There were no blood tests, no urine tests, no medical jargon, nothing. So I advise doctors to go back to the traditional way to determine Sem's sex.
The other prong is the Kenyan prong. Here we are, Kenyans, having lost the women's 800m gold controversially, and unlike the SAs who, led by their president, have come out strongly to defend their golden heroine, we left our 'Eldoret Express's' fate to medical doctors. I believe the gold belonged to us because even the little celebration dance Sem performed looked like Usain Bolt's, only with Sem's head transplanted on his body.
The last and most controversial prong is the women's one where I have only one question. How come no one raises the gender issue when men are lapped 8 to 10 times by Kenenisa Bekele? How come no one hunts them down for blood and urine tests to test whether they are male or female? These guys are allowed to slug-on on the track, even if they have to do the 10,000m until the following day.

So lets leave Sem to enjoy her new career and status because as we have observed, when it comes to gold, we can't trust nobody. I cant even trust myself!